One of many?

The aim of setting up this blog late last year was to get me writing about my research. However, judging by the lack of action I haven’t even become, as Helen Rogers called it, a slow blogger. I have, since her post, also found out that there is such a thing as a slow blog manifesto.

Perhaps this lack of writing shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise having previously developed a terror of writing. It is really thanks to the excellent blog posts by The Trickster Prince, Joanne Bailey, Bronwyn Labrum and Pat Thomson that I got the courage to set up this blog.

I do hope that 2015 can become the year that I finally free myself from those writing shackles that have kept me back for so long. I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts on the interwar period and most of all on Oliver Hill, who seems to have become my historical, although (frustratingly) rather silent, companion.  It remains my aim to continue to challenge views that (mis)portray him as merely: ‘a monkey loving nudist creator of Art Deco mansions’

RIBA Oliver Hill


Happy New Year!